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TC Nails & Spa is the premier Nail Spa in the Peoria area, offering you a wide range of styling services and products to give you the look you want. With an extensive selection, we’ve got you covered for whatever you need. If there’s a wedding, party or event in your future — or if you’re simply ready to get pampered.

We have customer rewards program in which you earn a point for every dollar spent in our salon — give us a call today!

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Manicured Nails

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Quality Services for Dashing Results

Nail Enhancement

We all know how great it feels to walk out of a Nail Spa and be satisfied with the service we received. Our highly trained staff are here to tackle all your needs with a professional Nail Enhancement that will leave you looking and feeling phenomenal. Come in and give us an hour of your time — you’ll be glad you did!

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Looking to freshen up your look? At TC Nails & Spa, our team of professionals are committed to providing you with amazing service to make sure you go home happy. Our staff knows exactly what you are looking for in your next Pedicure appointment and are ready to pamper you. Visit us today and start your journey to a ravishing new look!


Total Body Waxing

Waxing isn’t just about hair removal. It’s a skin care treatment as well. Our fast and effective waxing services will leave your skin hair-free and fabulously smooth, sleek and sexy.


Quality Services for Dashing Results

At TC Nails & Spa, we offer the highest quality Nail Spa services in Peoria. Ask anyone in town — we offer the best experience and service you’ll find anywhere in the area. Read on to learn all about the amazing services we provide to all of our customers. Swing by our Nail Spa and treat yourself to one of our many VIP treatments!

Nail Enhancements


Pink & White (Full Set)        $45

Full Set (Gel Polish)            $45

Full Set (Regular)               $30

Full Set (White Tip)            $35

Pink & White (Back-fill)       $37

Pink Fill + Gel Top              $25

Fill + Gel Polish                  $35

Fill (Regular)                       $20

SNS Dipping Products

SNS Natural Nails Dip         $38

SNS French Dip                  $43

SNS (Full Set)                      $48

SNS French (Full Set)         $53

Manicure w/ SNS service    $10

CND Liquid Gel (Hard Gel)

Liquid Gel (Full Set)              $40

Pink & White (Full Set)          $60

Pink & White (Back-fill)         $47

Gel Fill (Clear)                      $30

Gel Fill w/ Gel Polish           $45

Gel (Soft Gel)

Gel Manicure                       $33

French Gel Manicure           $38

Gel Polish w/ Service            $15

Gel Polish Change                     

                       Hands            $20

                       Feets             $25

Manicure & Pedicure

Classic Manicure                                                            $15

(Nails Trim, Cuticle Care, Massage)                                

Signature Manicure                                                        $27 

 (Nails Trim, Cuticle Care, Paraffin Wax, 10 Min Massage)

Gel Manicure                                                                  $33

(Nails Trim, Cuticle Care. 10 Min Massage, Gel Polish)

 Express Pedicure                                                           $20                                                           

(Nails Trim, Cuticle Care, Heels Scrub, No Massage)

 Standard Pedicure                                                          $25      

(Nails Trim, Cuticle Care, Heels Scrub, Light Massage

including Hot Stone)

Deluxe Pedicure                                                              $37

(Everything from Standard Pedicure plus OPI Sugar Scrubs,

Callus Treatment)

TC VIP Pedicure                                                              $47

(Everything from Deluxe Pedicure plus Paraffin Wax and

OPI Masque or OPI Cooling Gel)

TC Luxury Pedicure                                                         $57

(Everything from Deluxe Pedicure plus Paraffin Wax, OPI

Masque, OPI Cooling gel, 15 Min  Massage with Hot Stone)


Eyebrows                        $12

Lips                                  $7

Chin                                 $10

Full Face                          $40

Sideburns                        $15

Under Arms                     $22

Half Arms                        $30

Full Arms                         $40       

Half Legs                         $35

Full Legs                         $50

Full Back                         $50

Chest                              $40

Bikini                               $35

Brazilian                          $45


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Manicured Nails