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1. Basic Pedicure                    $30

Nails Trim, File, Cuticle Care, Heels Scrubs, Massage Lotion Apply, Massage, 1 Hot Towel Wrap, Regular Nail Polish Apply.

2. Deluxe Pedicure                $43

Everything from Basic Pedicure.... adding Callus Removal, Sugar Scrubs, Hot Stones, 2 Hot Towel Wrap, Feet Massage. Regular Nail Polish Apply.

4. TC Collagen Pedicure       $63

Revitalize you feet and legs with a Collagen Infused Pedicure. Collagen Crystal Soak, Nails Trim, File, Cuticle Care, Heels Scrubs, Callus Removal, Sugar Cane Scrubs, Collagen Moisture Mask, Collagen Muscle-relaxing Gel, Collagen Massage Lotion, and Paraffin Wax. Hot Stones, Feet Massage and Hot Towel wrap.
Nail Polish Apply. (15 min massage)

5. TC Volcano Pedicure            $73

Experience ultimate relaxation with the Volcano Detox Pedicure. The Detox Soak combined with the Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Nails Care (Trim Nails, File, Cuticle Cut), Heels Scrubs, Callus Removal, Rich Collagen Moisture Mask, Collagen Cooling Gel, Collagen Lotion, and Paraffin Wax will moisturize your feet and ease the stress away. Hot Stones Massage and Hot Towel Wrap afterward. Nail Polish Apply. (20 min massage)

3. VIP Pedicure                       $53

Take Care of yourself with the VIP treatment. Aromatic Sea Salt Soak, Nails Trim, File, Cuticle Care, Heels Scrubs, Callus Removal, Sugar Scrubs, Cream Mud Mask, and Massage Lotion help to relieve stress and make sure your feet and legs feel good as new again. Hot Stones, Feet Massage, and Hot Towel Wrap. Nail Polish Apply. (10 min massage)

6. CBD Volcano Pedicure     $83

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our CBD Infused Volcano Pedicure. Our Detox Soak will cleanse your feet while we take care of trimming your nails, cutting cuticles, filing, scrubbing heels, and removing calluses. Our CBD Sugar Scrub and Collagen Mask will exfoliate and moisturize your legs, while our CBD Collagen Lotion and CBD Pain Relieving Oil will help relax your muscles, giving your feet feeling rejuvenated. Finish off with a hot stone massage, hot towel wrap, paraffin wax, and a polish of your choice. Enjoy a 25-minute massage and say goodbye to sore legs and feet.

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